Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pola Negri, brown bear and traditional hat - a card from Russia

POLA NEGRI in a riding habit, Berlin, 1920s

Country: Russia
Place: Novosibirsk
Received: 04/12/2012
Distance: 3 496 km
Travelled: 21 days

Pola Negri in a riding habit

Pola Negri (1897–1987) was a Polish actress with mainly tragedienne and femme fatale roles. She was the first film star from Europe to be invited to the Hollywood. She was able to become one of the most successful actresses in silent films in America. 

Pola Negri (Barbara Apollonia Chalupiec) was born in Lipno,  Russian Empire (Poland in present). Her father was arrested for revolutionary activity, and Barbara moved to Warsaw to live in poverty with her mother. 

Barbara began her training in the ballet academy and soon she worked the way up to get a solo role, but tuberculosis forced her to stop her dancing. While having a recovery in a sanatorium Barbara adopted her pseudonym – Pola Negri. 

After taking classes of dramatic arts Pola made her theatrical debut in 1912. In 1914 she debuted in film for the first time and played numerous roles later. Pola Negri died of pneumonia on 1 August 1987, at the age of 90.

Traditional winter hat, 19th century, Russia

Hat was a must-have men's suit and was able to tell the people about it's owner. The most valuable hats were considered to be made of fur with a top made of velvet or other expensive material.

Brown bear

Brown bears received their name due to the color of their fur. The average weight of the brown bear is 300 kilos and the body length is about 2.5 meters. Bears are born small (only half a kilo), blind and deaf and live with their mother up to three years old. Brown bears run quickly and can develop a speed of about 55 kilometers per hour. Brown bears hibernate, and their sleep lasts for 75–195 days a year.

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