Saturday, January 26, 2013

Helga Torfs’ bears and Kisses Blown - a card from Finland


Country: Finland
Place: Turku (Abo)
Received: 26/12/2012
Distance: 795 km
Travelled: 12 days

Helga Torfs’ bears

The story of Helga Torfs’ bears started when her friend asked for a bear for his birthday. In her childhood Helga used to be very creative and decided to try. After a lot of unsuccessful attempts Pedro the Bear was born.

Helga’s priority is that the bear has the soul and is not made but actually born, being handmaded of mohair, silk, glass eyes…

Helga’s bears have been rewarded with international rewards with their pictures published on magazines’ covers. Some of the bears are exposed in American and Asian museums.

Kisses Blown

This self-adhesive stamp, called Kisses Blown, was designed by Ulla Bergström for the Women’s Day’s celebration. A set of cheerful celebration stamps, consisting of four of them, is inspired by spring festivities, friendship, and evening gatherings.  

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  1. Mish, if you'd like to send your address via postcrossing mail to scriptor I'd be happy to send you a card (with no obligation for you to send me one in return). All the best, John