Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy New Year winter card - greetings from Russia


Country: Russia
Place: Saint Petersburg
Received: 18/12/2012
Distance: 691 km
Travelled: 14 days

Winter card

The average winter temperature varies in different regions of Russia. Winter is the most severe in Yakutia with the lowest temperature about -65C (-85F).

During the Orthodox Epiphany on January 19 the temperatures over the territory of Russia are known to be very low during the centuries. This phenomenon is called "Epiphany frosts". But recent winters in Russia have been unusually warm – the temperature up to 10C is no longer rare in Moscow in a New Year’s Day.

Animal stamps

The Moscow Kremlin

Severe Russian winters are often linked to military victories. Napoleon's Grande Armée of 610,000 men invaded Russia and blamed the weather for their defeat. During the Second World War General Eduard Wagner, the Quartermaster General of the German Army, reported that "We are at the end of our resources in both personnel and materiel. We are about to be confronted with the dangers of deep winter."

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  1. In the early 20th century Christmas and New Year postcards like that were popular in Britain. Nowadays everyone sends folded cards in envelopes because there is no difference in inland postage rate between a card and an envelope. If sending abroad, postcards are still cheaper but you can't buy nice ones like this.