Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bruges and Tulipa bakeri (Lilac Wonder) - a card from Belgium


Country: Belgium
Place: Zedelgem
Received: 21/01/2013
Distance: 1 676 km
Travelled: 17 days


Bruges (German: Brügge) is located in the northwest of Belgium with an area of 138,4 square kilometers. Its total population counts about 117,6 thousand habitants, including about 3.5% of foreigners.

Alongside with Amsterdam and some other cities, Bruges is sometimes called "The Venice of the North". The city has 54 bridges and numerous water channels. Due to the port, Bruges has a great economic importance and used to be the world’s "chief commercial city" previously.

The historic city centre is inscripted on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The most famous landmark of Bruges is its 13th-century belfry with 48 bells. The city employs a carillonneur, giving regular free concerts. 

Tulipa bakeri (Lilac Wonder)

Tulipa bakeri (Lilac Wonder) is a tulip, common for the island of Crete as a wildflower. It was named after G. P. Baker to introduce it through the  Royal Horticultural Society in 1895.

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