Monday, May 20, 2013

Vintage Tula - a card from Great Britain


Country: Great Britain
Place: Birmingham
Received: 04/04/2013
Distance: 1 960 km
Travelled: 37 days

Vintage card of Tula

Elizabeth II

Tula is a city in Russia, located 193 km to the south from Moscow, on the Upa River, which is 345 km long. Tula was first mentioned in 1146 and is famous for Tula accordion (a free-reed wind instrument), pryaniki and samovar.

Traditional Russian pryaniki (gingerbread) are the cookies made with honey and spices. Tula gingerbread often looks like a rectangular tile or a flat figure and contains jam or condensed milk and honey as well. Gingerbreads in Tula originate from the 17th century, and In 1996 Tula opened a museum dedicated to these cookies.

Tula is also a center of samovar production. Samovar is a heated metal container used to boil water. The Russian idiom says "You don't take a samovar to Tula", which is an equivalent of "coals to Newcastle".

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