Friday, May 3, 2013

Cat and the window, Tagetes and Eurasian lynx - a card from Germany


Country: Germany
Place: Kaiserslautern
Received: 30/03/2013
Distance: 1 450 km
Travelled: 20 days

Cat and the window

Kaiserslautern has the population of almost 99 500 people, and its historic center dates to the 9th century. Additionally, Kaiserslautern is a home for about 50 000 people from NATO military community. The early American military population had some difficulties with pronouncing the German name, and Kaiserslautern is also named as “K-town” for this reason.

Tagetes flower stamp

Eurasian lynx stamp

Lynx is widely used in heraldry, symbolizing visual acuity. Due to this, the constellation was named after the lynx by Johannes Hevelius in 1690. Hevelius commented his choice: “Only small stars are located in this part of the sky, and you are to have the lynx’s eyes to distinguish between them and recognize.”


  1. This cat looks like it's waiting for its mate. My bestfriend's Persian/Siamese hybrid cat always does this.

    Thanks by the way for the 'congratulations' for my date. I am like this cat anticipating the time I see my love again.

    1. It's going to happen very soon :) Just think about the delight you are to be given as a gift for your patience :)

  2. I like the cat picture and I have a soft spot for Lynxes. When you see them at the zoo they look so much more alert and alive than most of the cat species.