Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dormition Church on Pokrovka Street in 1900, a horsecar and skeleton - a card from Russia.


Country: Russia
Place:  Moscow
Received: 02/02/2013
Distance: 677 km
Travelled: 15 days

Dormition Church on Pokrovka Street in 1900

The wooden Dormition Church on Pokrovka Street originates from 1511 to be rebuilt in stone in 1656. In 1936 the Church was demolished as the part of the building blocked the roadway.

A tram we may see on this card is a horse-drawn tram. The cars were bought in England and had an imperial (space on the roof where people could also sit) and a staircase to climb up. Imperials were not protected from rain and snow.


Skeleton is a kind of a fast winter sliding sport. An athlete is lying down on a small sled and rides down a frozen track. The sport of skeleton originates from 1882 to be practiced be the soldiers in Switzerland.

The popularity of skeleton grew in Europe and it became a recognizable kind of sport. In 2002 skeleton was added to the Olympic program with the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

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  1. A bit late for a comment, but I have received the same postcard and Googled it to get a bit more info.
    I'm going to see if you are still blogging about postcards. I hope you are.
    Thanks and 'Happy Postcrossing!'
    Lisca (Olddutch)